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Keeping in Shape with BodyBuilding

Although body building is principally seen as something largely cosmetic, a good body building regime can have a knock-on effect on your general good health….. Continue reading

Body Building – Where to start?

When people take up body building it is usually as a result of seeing the impressive physiques of the professionals – whether those professionals be pro body builders, weight lifters, boxers or any other kind. It is natural to see the power that such a ph... Read More | Share it now!

Practical Reasons for Body Building

When people look at body builders, there is often a suggestion that the word “vanity” is never far from their minds. After all, it is pretty much impossible to be a body builder without it being fairly obvious. Even in a suit that covers up all the muscle... Read More | Share it now!

Body Building Competition

You can do more or less anything competitively these days. There are competitions for things that maybe half a century ago would have been unimaginable in a competitive context, and as time goes on the field increases in size. But it should come as no surprise that among the things you can do competitively is body building. … Continue reading